What's On Tap

Visit The Piwo Pub and The Bent Pine Pub for your favorite Polish imports, domestic beers and handcrafted beers from our local craft beer scene, as well as wine and non-alcoholic beverages for a good time at Muskegon’s Polish Festival.

Why do we call it "Piwo Pub"? Beer in Polish is Piwo. 

How do say cheers in Polish? Just say “Na Zdrowie" (pronounced Nas-droh-vee-ah).


Lech is a Polish pilsner that stems from a rich brewing history in Poland. The beer's harmonious combination of flavor and carbonation contributes to the beer's exquisite, refreshing qualities. It is brewed by Kompania Piwowarska.

Our festival will be the first in Michigan to feature Lech!


Tyskie is brewed from crystal-clear water from Gronie springs and the choicest varieties of barley malt and hops. Connoisseurs of Tyskie appreciate its mild, hoppy flavor, golden color and thick, white head. The bouquet reflects its excellent taste.


Okocim O.K. Beer is more than just "O.K. Beer". ... It is a light-to-medium-bodied beer that actually carries quite a bit of alcohol (6.2% ABV), though its aroma of floral Polish hops nicely masks this fact.

warka strong.jpg

Warka Strong / Strong Strong is a beer with increased alcohol volume and very specific, reach taste. It's the result of using two kinds of malt: light and dark.