What's On Tap

Visit Frankie’s Piwo Pub for your favorite Polish imports, domestic beers and exclusive handcrafted beers from our local craft beer scene, as well as wine non-alcoholic beverages for a good time at Muskegon’s Polish Festival.

Why do we call it "Frankie’s Piwo Pub"? Beer in Polish is Piwo. 

How do say cheers in Polish?

Just say “Na Zdrowie cheers or to your health.”


Proudly serving Tyskie at the Muskegon Polish Festival!

Frankie's Piwo Pub Menu


Draft Beer Menu

Miller Lite, Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Bells Two Hearted and Blue Moon

Packaged Menu



Henry's Orange, Ginger Ale and Cherry

Redd's Apple

Smith & Forge


Variety of Copa Di Vino wine