What's Cooking?

Not only will there be great bands performing for people, but That Polish Girl Catering be offering those polish dishes that we all have come to love. 

Polish Girl Plate

Fresh Kielbasa, Homemade Kapusta, Homemade Golabki, Seasoned Redskin Potatoes, 2 Potato Cheese Pierogi, Rye Bread 

Vegetarian Polish Girl Plate

Homemade Dill Pickle Soup, Homemade Kapusta
Seasoned Redskin Potatoes, 3 Potato Cheese Pierogi, Rye Bread 11 Tickets
Grilled Kielbasa Dog - with or w/o Homemade Kapusta 

Homemade Golabki

Tender Cabbage stuffed with Ground Beef & Pork, Rice, and Onion, Nestled in a Delicious Tomato Sauce with Rye Bread 

Side of Frank's Market Grilled Fresh Kielbasa 

Giorgio Authentic Pierogies

Potato & Cheddar Cheese fried in Garlic Butter

Homemade Polish Dill Pickle Soup Zupa Ogo'Kowa

Elegant, Sophisticated & So Delicious, Fresh Dill, Dill Pickles, Carrots, Onion, Cream, Sour Cream, That Polish Girl's Original

Homemade Czarnina

Busia Szczepanek's Family Recipe,  Duck, Prunes, Raisins, spices, a little sweet a little sour with Kluski Noodles a true Culinary Delight of Poland

Side of Homemade Kapusta

Made with Polish Love, The Best you will ever have

Side of Seasoned Redskin Potatoes

Kisses of Garlic, Butter, Onion, Season Salt, Dash of Pepper & Parsley

Kids Meal

Grilled Hot Dog, Potato Chips 


Polish Bowtie Cookies with a dash of Raspberry & Apricot 

Homemade Chruchiki